The Suicide File – Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying For

The Suicide File hailed from Boston, MA and played angry hardcore punk. In my opinion, the band was highly underrated. They should be honoured as much as Modern Life Is War and American Nightmare cause they clearly stood out from the rest of the bands. After 2 years of existence, they officially broke up in 2003. However, the band played a handful of shows since their break-up and will play this year’s Sound & Fury festival. Members also went on to play in The Hope Conspiracy among others.

Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying For is a posthumous release compiles all early material before the release of Twilight. Precisely, this includes: Demo Tape, The Suicide File 7″, both splits with The Hopy Conspiracy and R’N’R, and the Things Fall Apart 7″. I prefer this over Twilight, which is good nonetheless but it just doesn’t reach the power and angry-driven sound on the early era of this short-lived band. The lyrics deal with political messages, but also talk about social and personal problems.

The record was released by Indecision Records (CD) and Reflections Records (LP) in 2005. It comes in a standard single sleeve. I possess the Clear Red w/ Black Splatter press which is limited to 500 copies. Included is a 12×12 inch inlay, with the lyrics on one page, and general information on the other page.

“The only thing worse than losing the one thing that you love, is having the one thing that you love turned into everything you fucking hate.”
- Things Fall Apart

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  1. aydenscarlet says:

    i want to purchase this!!!

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