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2×2 = 14 inches

I haven’t bought many newly released records this year but when two great bands pair up to put out a split 7″ I won’t hesistate to get my copy. Loma Prieta and Raein released a split 7″ back in April … Continue reading

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Ruined Families – Blank Language

Ruined Families is a five-piece hardcore punk band from Athens, Greece, that has been around since 2010. After the Four Wall Freedom LP and the Untitled 7″, the band released their brand new full-length Blank Language earlier this year. First, … Continue reading

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Book Of Caverns – Homes

Book Of Caverns are a stunning band from Edmonton, Canada. After a demo and two splits, the band finally released their debut full-length Homes earlier this year. Compared to the previous releases and songs, Book Of Caverns managed to improve … Continue reading

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Papaya – UM/I

Adorno have gone a bit quiet in the past 2 years and I’m desperately waiting for new material. Vocalist Bráulio Amado and drummer Ricardo Martins decided to team up with Óscar Silva (from I Had Plans) to form Papaya, who … Continue reading

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When Saetia broke up in 1999, two new bands were formed with members from Saetia. In 1999, Off Minor was formed with Jamie Behar and Steven Roche of Saetia. Former member of Off Minor was also Matt Smith (played the last … Continue reading

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Coke Bust – Confined

The four-piece straight edge band Coke Bust from Washington DC formed in 2006, has toured a lot and put out numerous releases. Whoever loves fast, thrash-y and pissed hardcore punk knows Coke Bust (or is supposed to). 9 songs were … Continue reading

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Deadverse – Carpet Burns

Deadverse is a four-piece band from Schaffhausen (Switzerland) that has been active since 2007 and, in my humble opinion, is one of the best active bands from Europe. Deadverse managed to make a mark across the Swiss border with their … Continue reading

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Sed Non Satiata – Mappō

Mappō is Sed Non Satiata’s highly anticipated follow-up to their previous self-titled album from 2009. The band recorded the new songs during their 2012 US summer tour and fans have had to wait almost an entire year for the songs … Continue reading

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Comadre – Comadre

This year has started great music-wise. Comadre’s new self-titled LP is already a contender for the top 5 in 2013. The band previously released the Cold Rain 7″ single, which contained the song from the LP plus two b-sides. I was … Continue reading

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Adobe Homes – Piñata

The new year comes with resolutions in terms of this blog. I’ll try to update this more often, especially with posts about records that will be released in 2013. The first release of 2013 that I’m going to review is … Continue reading

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