Connections Part II: A Six-Way Split

Moment of Collapse‘s first release ever in June 2008 was the first part of the Connections splits series. The concept behind “Connections” is simple: six bands from six different countries, and that’s not just a coincidence; it is evidence for the active DIY movement all over the world, celebrating the connections that can be built up with the DIY movement. The first issue featured Arse Moreira from Mexico, Eucalypt from Australia, Amalthea from Sweden, Orbit Cinta Benjamin from Malaysia, Dodewaard from Holland and Hiro from France.

Roughly 2 years later, Moment of Collapse released the second part. The concept and idea are still the same; six bands from six different countries. The label managed to get some more known bands to participate and contribute exclusive songs. Connections Part II features Suis La Lune from Sweden, The Saddest Landscape from the United States, Captain Your Ship Is Sinking from Holland, Kias Fansuri from Malaysia, Isaïah from Belgium and Adorno from Portugal. I personally cannot name one bad song and I got to know Kias Fansuri and Isaïah with this 6-way split.

Sebastian Weiss was responsible for the artwork in both parts. The record comes in a simple single sleeve and and is handnumbered on the backside of the record sleeve. It is pressed on pastel-green vinyl and is limited to 515 copies.

The record comes with a poster in the size of a DIN A2. One side features further artwork and design by Sebastian Weiss. There is a quote by the French writer Victor Hugo (1802 – 1885) written on this poster: “Music expresses that which can not be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” The other is a lyrics sheet with information about the bands, and statements about their thoughts about the DIY movement, making music and in which way they are connected to these ethics.

Moment of Collapse is currently working on the 3rd part. There is no further information about this, but I’m sure it will see the light of the day in the near future.

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