This Will Destroy You – Tunnel Blanket

Today I finally got this in my mail. I placed my pre-order a month ago I believe, or even longer and now I hold it in my hands – This Will Destroy You’s new masterpiece Tunnel Blanket.

TWDY clearly changed their sound to a more atmospheric, ambient, slower and drone-ier version of what they had played before. A lot of people don’t like this new direction at all. And I admit that at first, especially when I heard the songs on the Moving On The Edges of Things picture disc, I was a bit desperate to find the typical TWDY sound. The sound that on the previous releases made them outstanding from the rest of the post-rock scene. The sound that both expresses happiness and sadness althogether.

But then I got to see them live in Octoboer 2010 and they played new songs, including Communal Blood, Little Smoke and Black Dunes I believe. As soon as I heard these songs live I knew that Tunnel Blanket would be a blast, too. It took me more time to get into the new sound but by now I appreciate this change of direction within the instrumental sound.

When I first heard Tunnel Blanket in its entire, I couldn’t believe what I heard. And I’m not saying this in a negative context. I often get really excited at first but this time it was different. This time I had been waiting almost a year for this record. And then it comes down to this first hour when you hear the record for the very first time. I was afraid it might let me down but it did not. Of course, at first Tunnel Blanket might sound boring and dull, but after a few more spins I got into it more and more and now I’m almost willing to say this is the best release in 2011.

Let’s have a look at what I found in the packet today. Suicide Squeeze released Tunnel Blanket. The record comes in a gatefold sleeve and has a very simple and nice artwork.

The record was pressed on two 180 grams black vinyl and this press is limited to 1,000 copies:

And then, because I was one of the first 200 persons to pre-order Tunnel Blanket, I got a bunch of free bonus stuff.

1.) A 11×17″ poster of the artwork

2.) Three different buttons

3.) 2x cassette edition of Tunnel Blanket that comes in a box

I am quite happy. This record and this band especially means so much to me. I cannot wait to catch them live again in July. And now I’m waiting for my Explosions in the Sky preorder, which should arrive this week.

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6 Responses to This Will Destroy You – Tunnel Blanket

  1. Nick says:

    Did you see the Tunnel Blanket vinyl release from Monotreme in the UK? I only just caught it just now, looks really nice so I just placed an order – limited to 350 presses though! Clear vinyl with spattered black through it, definitely worth a look. Check the TWDY official Facebook page for pics.

  2. tiago says:

    such an awesome band & album. i’m amazed. the cassette edition is beautiful, just like its package. i’ll order mine. is it available yet?
    cassette’s age is coming back.

    • Yes! You can order it here: Have fun with it 🙂

    • Nick says:

      Ah wow, I didn’t know the cassette was receiving a commercial release! I thought it was limited to 200 copies? Interesting! My clear vinyl arrived this morning, and I’m pleased to say it looks even more beautiful than it did in the pictures. Lovely stuff. 🙂

      This means I now have 2 CDs of Tunnel Blanket, the vinyls, cassettes, four badges and a poster. The quality of the release is totally worth it though! 😀

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