12XU – 7″ Single Series Boxset

12XU are a relatively new band from Lyon, France. Julien and Gwen from Daïtro both play in this band. Musically, they cannot be completely compared with Daïtro though. 12XU do have some of the typical french screamo influences, but do overall play a softer form of it, combining 90’s emo and indie influences.

So far, the band has put out a demo tape, four 7″ for the single series, and a split 7″ with Old Growth. About 2 weeks ago, PurePainSugar put up the 7″ Single Series Boxset. It collects the four 7″ for the single series, which they released in 2009 and 2010. The first and second are already sold out for a while now, and there are only a few copies of the third and fourth left.

The boxset was limited to 40 copies (although it says 50 on the box?) and sold out within a few days already. Funny story: A guy on DeadFormat already messaged me and asked if he could buy this from me. But of course I said no. The Boxset does not only come with the 7″, but some bonus goodies which are listed on the backside of the box.

I won’t post a picture of every single thing that’s included in this boxset. However, I’ll list what’s on the picture (from left to right):

  • guitar tabs for the song Demi talents
  • A booklet with the histories, studio/recording reports, pictures, lyrics etc.
  • 3 handwritten and autographed pictures of each band member
  • 2 buttons, 2 stickers
  • and of course the four 7″

This was definitely worth the purchase. I was missing the first two 7″ and this was the best chance to get them, eventhough I already have copies of the last two 7″ – but who cares.

12XU have currently a new split and the first LP in the making. Get stoked!


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