Beau Navire, Loma Prieta, iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook

Edit #1: 07/07/2011 – added the Punch/Loma Prieta split 7″.

Screamo has experienced a revival in the last couple of years. In my opninon, especially in California there have been a lot of awesome new bands that did not rip off what was played in the 90’s but succeeded in creating something new. And I’m thinking of 3 bands at this point: Loma Prieta, iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook and Beau Navire. These three bands have caught the most of my attention since the whole screamo movement came up again.

You could say each band is different from each other, but also closely connected. Different cause yeah well cause they all do their own thing music and sound-wise. And connected cause they’re all good friends, have played shows together and Trei of iwrotehaikus and Sean of Loma Prieta play in Beau Navire. I can’t pick a favourite of these bands cause they are equally good in what they do.

So without any further bla-bla, I’ll just show you what I’ve gathered so far.

I. iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook 12″
iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook were only a shortlived band and this is their only vinyl release as far as I know. Released in 2010 on Discos Huelga. Red press limited too 300 copies.

II. Loma Prieta – Our LP Is Your EP 12″
The name is self-explanatory. Blistering and chaotic screamo, these short songs make up this one-sided LP (which alot of other bands would release on a 7″ I think). First full-length by Loma Prieta, released back in 2006 on Discos Huelga, grey vinyl limited to 400 copies.

III. Loma Prieta – Matrimony 7″
This 2-song 7″ is a co-release between Ape Must Not Kill Ape and Discos Huelga and was released in 2007. The coke bottle clear press is limited to 100 copies.

IV. Loma Prieta – Last City 12″
The second full-length in 2008, released by Discos Huelga, React With Protest and Rok Lok. Personally, my favourite Loma Prieta release. Black vinyl limited to 514 copies.

V. Loma Prieta – Dark Mountain 12″
One year later, the next full-length. Isn’t this amazing? Yes it is. Released by Discos Huelga, white press limited to 200 copies.

VI. Loma Prieta – Life/Less 12″
And again one year later, the next full-length. And they still don’t lack ideas. Released by Discos Huelga and React With Protest, black vinyl limited to 400 copies.

VII. Punch / Loma Prieta – Split 7″
Punch and Loma Prieta released a little split 7″. I don’t know if this is tour exclusive, but it was sold during Punch’s Euro tour in summe 2011. Anyway, both bands cover a song of each other. Punch cover Loma Prieta’s Worn Path and Loma Prieta cover Punch’s Don’t Start. Released by Discos Huelga, black vinyl.

VIII. Beau Navire – Demo Tape
For those who are intersted, I posted a detailled blog entry here. Tenzenmen’s edition/press, 32/50. Extremely beautiful.

IX. Beau Navire / Carrion Spring / Beau Navire / Carrion Spring / Te Lloraría Un Puto Río / The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch – Split 8″
A 4-way split with 3 other nice bands, this split 8″ was released in 2010 by BEAR Records, D7i Records, Forever Escaping Boredom and L’oeil du Tigre. 2 new Beau Navire songs. Clear vinyl limited to 500 copies.

X. Beau Navire / Adobe Homes – Split 7″
One new Beau Navire song. Adobe Homes are also quite nice. This split is a one-sided, glow in the dark vinyl, and limited to 300 copies. Released in 2011 by Olhar de Vidro, Texas Toast DIY, Keyo Speaks, Black with Sap and Radical Friends.

XI. Beau Navire – Life Moves 12″
This one-sided 12″ was released in 2011 by Moment of Collapse and Melotov Records, and has the lyrics etched on the b-side. 7 songs. Black vinyl limited to 500 copies.

XII. Beau Navire / Suffix – 7″
Beau Navire teamed up with the amazing Suffix from Chicago. No disrespect, but Suffix’ side is way better. Released in 2011 by Forever Escaping Boredom, BEAR Records and a mountain far, black vinyl limited to 500 copies.

XIII. Beau Navire – Hours 12″
The first real full-length and currently the latest release. React With Protest took care of it, black vinyl limited to 507 copies.

Get your own copies and support honest music and the diy movement.

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