Ampere – Like Shadows

Ampere is a chaotic screamo/emo violence band that formed in 2002. The band has put the importance of DIY punk ethics at the forefront of their lyrics and are known for the particular attention they bring to their vegan principles. Former Orchid gutiarist Will Killingsworth (who also runs Clean Plate Records) got together with members of The Last 40 Seconds, Wolves, Montcalm, Unicoroner and hence Ampere was born. The band has released a demo, numerous splits with bands such as Funeral Diner, Daïtro, Das Oath and the All Tomorrows End Today 10″. Like Shadows is the bands new effort, released via No Idea Records.

Since I’ve found the most accurate description to Like Shadows, I’m just going to quote this here:

“Providing the ideal soundtrack to your next Nietzschian nervous breakdown, Like Shadows is another high-water mark for Ampere. Since picking up the flag for intelligent, literate screamo in 2002 when his former band, Orchid, called it quits, guitarist Will Killingsworth and the rest of Ampere have continued to push the boundaries of inventive, aggressive post-hardcore. Like Shadows is the highest-quality recording in their stacked catalog and the sonic crispness of songs such as “Terminally” make all 28 seconds leap out of the stereo. Like Shadows’ attack is refined and unbelievably heavy, but has enough dynamics to drive home just how seriously raw and powerful its most explosive moments truly are.” – Sam Sutherland / Alternative Press

The first 500 preorders for Like Shadows were offered a special package: The Like Shadows 12″ on a one-time limited colour, plus a copy of The First Five Years – pressed for the first and possibly last time ever on a 12″ vinyl. I was lucky enough to order one of these packages.

I. Like Shadows 12″
There is nothing much to say about this. The record comes in a single standard sleeve, pressed on clear black/green & yellow split vinyl and limited to 500 copies. A little 10-page lyrics booklet included. 15 songs, 13 minutes.

II. The First Five Years 12″
As the name indicates, this is a compilation release, collecting all material the band has written in their first five years of existence. That’s almost everything of their discography, minus the All Tomorrows End Today 10″ and the split 7″ with Off Minor. Screen printed sleeve. Brown marble vinyl. Inlay included. Limited to 500 copies.

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