Indian Summer 7″

Here’s one real gem: the Indian Summer 7″ on Repercussion Records in 1993. This 7″ is not easy to find at a cheap price; it normally sells for 30$ upwards. Needless to say I was really lucky when I scored it on eBay for 8€ only. Apart from this selftitled 7″, the band released splits with Current, Embassy and Ordination Of Aaron and appeared on a  few compilations.

If you are into emotional hardcore, especially from the 90’s, you should know Indian Summer. They were a band from Oakland, California that existed in 1993 and 1994. Indian Summer can be considered as the epitome of what 90’s emo sounded like: loud-soft dynamics, pushed to the extremes of either end. Many of their songs built up to chaotic, cathartic climaxes; in which the singer screamed the lyrics (often past the point of easy intelligibility) while the band tore into their instruments. The other end of the spectrum involved spoken or whispered lyrics, coupled with delicately picked single note guitar lines and light drumming.

The record comes in a carboard stapled sleeve. I think the printing is different on other covers, at least I’ve seen green, blue and red ink prints already. Anyway, this comes with a lyrics sheet to “Reflections On Milkweed” and that’s about it already. Pressed on black vinyl, quantities unknown.

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