Loma Prieta – I.V.

I’ve been waiting for this one a long time. It has been an awful long wait, which has came to an end now though.

Loma Prieta have been a very active band; touring as much as they can (while playing in other bands, too) and of course releasing as much material as possible. They were really chaotic back in the Our LP Is Your EP days, then went a bit more melodic on Last City and Dark Mountain, and returned with a blasting record again in 2010 when they put out Life/Less. What can you expect on I.V. though? They keep doing what they do best: Total fury and rage unleashed in devastating, aggressive and crushing screamo songs that still have a touch of melody. Yes, I think that’s an appropriate description.

Loma Prieta signed to Deathwish Inc. last fall and the label instantly announced I.V. However, I was a bit sceptic that signing to a huge label like DWI would have a negative impact on the band, but luckily my worries were unjustified. And it’s fair to say that DWI is one of the best in business and hence Loma Prieta are in a good place. DWI finally put I.V. up for order at the beginning of this year, and I snatched myself a copy right away. Luckily, I could resist downloading this before I get it in the mail and last week it finally arrived at my place.

The record comes in a standard sleeve and has a very nice embossed cover (see 3rd picture). It includes a simple one-sided inlay with the lyrics, and a huge poster on recycled paper. I got myself a copy of the clear vinyl, limited to 300 copies, but I’m sure the grey press looks just as nice and fits the artwork. I love when labels and bands correspond the vinyl colour with the artwork it comes in.

I.V. may seem a little bit boring at first, but it still leaves you breathless and amazed. It’s like a huge wall of sound comes towards you and you have no chance in avoiding the situation, and eventually it leaves you crushed. And in the very end, you realise it was a comfortable situation after all.

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