Sabertooth Zombie – Hapless / Hopeless / Trespass CS

It’s been a bit quiet on my end in terms of scoring records, but around 2 weeks ago I bought the Hapless/Hopeless/Trespass tape off of a guy on DF who was in need of some money. Today, I finally got this in the mail and I was proper excited.

Sabertooth Zombie are doubtlessly one of my favourite bands. I love how they push hardcore punk to another level, incorporating influences that range from heavy metal to stoner rock, blues to jazz, thrash metal and whatever else.

Prior to releasing …And Your Fathers, the band put out a tape with two songs from the 2xLP and two exclusive songs. The tracklist of this tape is as follows:

  • A-Side: 1. Grim And Hapless // 2. I Am Trespass (Acoustic)
  • B-Side: 1. Grim And Hopeless // 2. I Am Trespass

Anyone who digs …And Your Fathers must have realized that Grim And Hapless and Grim And Hopeless are the same songs, of which the latter is the acoustic version. Basically, the concept of the two exclusive songs on the tape is the same. Musically, it would have fitted perfectly on the 2xLP aswell.

Apparently, this tape was sold during Sound & Fury 2009 but I’m sure I’ve seen pictures of the same tape with other artwork. My copy is handnumbered #39 out of 50 copies. The white tape comes in a handmade black cover with painted bars on it. The inlay card states the lyrics for I Am Trespass: “Eating strawberries in bed. I emit defeat. Give love to loss. Give loss my name. I am trespass.”

I am really happy I was able to pick this one up. I wasn’t even aware of its existence until not too long ago and now I can destroy my bedroom while listening to this tape.

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