American Nightmare / Give Up The Ghost

2011 was a great year for a) represses of records that have been out of print for quite some time and b) reunions of bands. One of these bands is American Nightmare / Give Up The Ghost. Three of their records were repressed and they played two reunion shows at the end of 2011. I was hoping for the represses to come one day since I am not ready to pay 50$ per record on eBay. Bridge9 (Year One) and Deathwish Inc. (Background Music and We’re Down Til We’re Underground) took care of this.

Here’s a quick overview of what I got:

Year One 12″ – This LP compiles the self-titled 7″ on side A and the The Sun Isn’t Getting Any Brighter… 7″ on side B. Released by Bridge9 to acknowledge the 10th anniversary of the 2nd EP’s release, this LP is a repress of the 2×7″ that has been out of print for a while now. (Note that there was also a 12″ Euro press). This time it’s pressed on 180g vinyl, comes with embossed cover artwork, and a poster. I got the most limited press (500 copies) on black and red vinyl. I believe this press sold out within a few hours already.

Background Music 12″ – Next up the first full-length that American Nightmare put out in 2001 on  Equal Vision. Deathwish Inc. got the exclusive rights and reissued this beauty in a gatefold jacket and with revamped artwork and packaging (including a huge fold-out poster). It has also been remastered for vinyl by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering (Converge, Fucked Up, and more). I tend to believe that Background Music is one of the best, if not the best, hardcore record that has been put out in the 21st century. I was out of money when they put this up, hence I did not get the most limited colour, but I don’t care. White vinyl is limited to 568 copies.

We’re Down Til We’re Underground 12″ – Deathwish Inc. also repressed the second full-length album by AN/GUTG. Same story as with Background Music: remastered, gatefold sleeve, revamped artwork and packaging including a huge poster. Logically, I slept on this too and “only” got the clear orange vinyl which is limited to 687 copies.

American Nightmare were definitely one of the bands that re-shaped hardcore in the early 2000’s along with Modern Life Is War and have influenced many bands. I’m glad that Bridge9 and especially Deathwish Inc. reissued these long of out print records.

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