The Emo Series

React With Protest is a well-known label from Germany that has put out releases of many bands, including Raein, La Quiete, Loma Prieta, Danse Macabre, June Paik etc. Besides the mostly famous bands, they put out compilations aswell. More precisely, three compilations on different formats that compile the best screamo / emo violence bands around. Enough of the bla-bla, let’s get down to the actual records.

The Emo Armageddon 7″

This is the first installement of the emo series. 9 songs on each side, with the following bands:

  • Side A: Louise Cyphre, Boa Narrow, The Mock Heroic, What Price Wonderland?, Utarid, Danse Macabre, Zann, Am I Dead Yet, Dasein
  • Side B: Cease Upon The Capitol, June Paik, A Fine Boat That Coffin!, Sl-27, La Quiete, Shikari, Daïtro, Yossarian Is Drowning, Raein

What’s really typical about this 7″ and the whole emo series in general, is that the songs are really short. For example, on this 7″ the longest song is 38 seconds short. The average playtime is around 28 seconds only. Emo violence at its finest with some of my favourite bands on it. The record comes with a foldout lyrics inlay.

This 7″ is limited to 1000 copies.

The Emo Apocalypse One-Sided Picture Disc 12″

The second record in the emo series is a one-sided picture disc 12″ that is absolutely beautiful. 41 bands on this record:

  • Cease Upon The Capitol, Khere, Loma Prieta, D’amore, Her Breath On Glass, The Birds Are Spies They Report To Trees, Kias Fansuri, June Paik, Enoch Ardon, Cagliostro, Louise Cyohre, Trainwreck, Architects, A Fine Boat That Coffin!, Ten And Two, The Walls You’ve Built, Balboa, Only For The Sake Of Aching, Belle Epoque, Catena Collapse, The Critic, Manhattan Skyline, Am I Dead Yet, Petethepiratesquid, Allegory Of The Cave, Antithesis, Towers, Funeral Diner, I Spoke, Escapado, Violent Breakfast, Monocycle, Arse Moreira, Pyramids, Suis La Lune, Kurhaus, Orbit Cinta Benjamin, A Day In Black And White, Sl-27, Mr. Willis Of Ohio, Van Closel

The longest song again 38 seconds, and the average song length is around 31 seconds. Many other of my favourite bands are on this beauty. This record also comes with a foldout lyrics inlay.

This 12″ is limited to 1070 copies.

The Emo Annihilation 6″

The third and last record in the emo series was put out on a 6″. I think I have a repress, I’m not sure. Anyway, following 12 bands are on this record:

  • Side A: Kontrapunkt, Infarto Scheisse, Battle Of Wolf 359, Vorwärts Schöner Weltenkotzer, June Paik, The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra
  • Side B: Comadre, Sanctions, Arse Moreira, Titan, Ding Dong Dead, Fujicolor

The average song length is 33 seconds. However, I think this is my least favourite installment. The bands are all good but compared to the other two records, well there is a fine difference.

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