Amanda Woodward

Amanda Woodward are most certainly one of my favourite French bands of all time.  The band was from Caen and formed in 2000. As far as I know, the band has not yet officially called its quits, but the last release dates back from 2006… Members were/are in bands such as Peu Être, Aussitôt Mort, and a bunch of other less known bands.

Anyway, I really like everything about Amanda Woodward. They take the sound from 90’s emo in France and play it a touch more melodic. The sound comes off very powerful, rhythmic, emotional and passionate. On top of that, I really enjoy the sort of “talk screams” by the singer. The French lyrics deal with societal and political issues, as well as with personal matters.

I haven’t succeeded to collect the first two records (Demo 10″ and Ultramort 12″) but sooner or later I’ll get these. Let’s have a look of what’s in my collection:

Pleine de grâce 7″

This 7″ was released in 2003 via PurePainSugar in Europe and Code of Ethics in the US. There are three songs on this record: Pleine de grâce, Ecarté du lucre, La malade maquerelle. The EU press is on 70g vinyl and comes with embossed covers. Limited to 1000 copies.

La décadence de la décadence 12″

This full-length is definitely my favourite record by Amanda Woodward and is what really got me into this band. Generally in French screamo music, this is an all-time favourite, flawless from start to finish. 8 songs of truly passionate music. This is the Euro press released on Earth Water Sky Connection. I have no idea to how many copies this is limited to; maybe 500?

Split 7″ with 1905

Amanda woodward teamed up with the female vocalist band 1905 to release a split 7″ via Stonehenge Records. Both bands delivered one song. I have a repress of the split with an alternate red/white cover that comes with green vinyl.

Meurt la soif b/w Un peu d’etoffe 7″

This is the last record Amanda Woodward put out. It was released via Level Plane and Paranoid Records in 2006. As the title states, there are two songs on this record. I have a brownish copy and again I don’t know to how many copies this is limited to. I know that this is probably part of the Euro press which was limited to 525 copies, maybe that’s the amount, I don’t know.

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2 Responses to Amanda Woodward

  1. How did you get the Amanda Woodward/1905 split 7″? Is there more copies somewhere?

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