Beau Navire / Republic Of Dreams 7″

Beau Navire and Republic Of Dreams teamed up to release a split 7″ together. While most of you should know Beau Navire already (check this previous blog post here), the three-piece Republic Of Dreams is a new band with old faces: Jan (Louise Cyphre), Sven (Tristan Tzara, Louise Cyphre) and Lars (founder of React With Protest; played in Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, Resurrectionists) have all been involved in the diy punk scene for a long time now.

Beau Navire are on the A-Side with two new songs. The first song, Phalanx of Lenses, shows what the band is capable of: mixing beautiful melodic parts with heavy, straight-forward and violent parts. This sounds like the material they released on the Hours LP. The second song, Ghostlike, is longer than what you usually hear from Beau Navire. Throughoutly, the song is really melodic and harmonic, bursts up in total chaos for once and then closes with an epic ending.

Republic Of Dreams take the B-Side, three songs in total. All three songs are what you could expect when 3 guys who had played in some of Europe’s leading bands in terms of emo violence/screamo music: Heavy, fast and destructive with no compromise. Although emo violence songs tend to rather sound the same, some melodic parts find their way. The band may release a 10″ until next summer, so we can stay tuned for further material.

The split was a co-release of the following labels: React with Protest, Moment of Collapse, Inkblot Records, IFB Records, Parade of Spectres, and Pure Heart Records. The record comes in a die-cut, fold-out cover and was pressed on green vinyl for pre-order, as well as on black vinyl.

Both bands deliver exciting material and this is already one of my favourite splits in 2012. If you are into screamo/punk music, you should pick up a copy now from one of the labels that put this out.

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