Ceremony are one of the most popular bands in the hardcore punk scene of the last few years. The band from Rohnert Park, CA started out with the blasting Ruined 7″ and Violence Violence 12″ and then carried on with the sound on Still Nothing Moves You 12″. When the band released the Rohnert Park LP in 2010, some people started to be sceptical about the new, less furious sound. At that time, I knew I would never hear the same old fast and trashy sound again. But I didn’t mind since after a while it bored me.

Ceremony then released the 6 Covers EP and announced the signing with the indie label Matador Records. On top of that, the band said they will experiment more on the upcoming record and pursue other influences – mainly post-punk.

When Matador Records released the first song off the record, Hysteria, a lot of people thought it was a joke. The fast old sound is gone. Obviously, the band earned a lot of negative critique (if you can call it critique in first place). A lot of kids just didn’t like the new sound. Anyway, I didn’t check this song out instantly cause I had preordered the Hysteria 7″ beforehand and wanted to wait until I have my copy in my hand. Matador later on launched the preorders for the Zoo 12″ and the Adult 7″ and I purchased them instantly.

A few weeks ago I got all my records together and listened to the new material. And I loved it right away. I like the new sound, it’s still punk as fuck for those who say they’re sell-outs now. Go listen some 80’s hardcore punk music and you will know what I mean. I don’t know what else to write other than this new material is top. It’s a whole new thing but I love progression in music rather than the same record over and over again.

The Zoo 12″ comes with a huge poster (see pictures below). An aerial perspective of a suburb/city on one side, and the lyrics on the other side. The preorder version is on red vinyl and limited to 300 copies.

The Hysteria 7″ features a cover of I’m A Bug by The Urinals on the B-side. The Adult 7″ features an exclusive song on the B-side called Start Over. Both 7″ are on clear vinyl and limited to 200 copies each.

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