Her Breath On Glass – We Aimed Straight Down

Alright, here is one of the records whose packaging really surprised me. I was happy enough to score three 12″ and one 7″ by Her Breath On Glass for only 18$ on eBay. Fun fact: Nicolas from L’oeil du tigre had contacted me through this WordPress just a few days before I won the records from him haha. Be sure to check out his label for awesome diy records and tapes.

Anyway, let’s go back to Her Breath On Glass, shall we? Her Breath Of Glass consists of Andy and Aaron from The Saddest Landscape. They started out when TSL decided to go on a hiatus in 2005. Yes that’s right, a two-man band. The music is more or less the same, only that it’s noisier. The band has released a ton of material over the years and We Aimed Straight Down was the latest full-length, released in 2008.

I have to admit, I was not the biggest fan of HBOG until I got my records in the mail. There was one release that particularly caught my attention – We Aimed Straight Down. The 12″ was released by IFB Records and has a handscreened cover with 5 prints. The record is pressed on black and red split vinyl and is limited to 500 copies. What I really really like about this are the inserts. There’s a handstamped envelope with a patch, 9 full color polaroid-like picture inserts (with lyrics printed on the backside) and two other inserts (not pictured below). I mean, it’s nothing extraordinary but I’ve never come across something like this before. The guys in TSL/HBOG are surely creative dudes who love to invest time in the packaging aswell.

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