Sed Non Satiata

Those who read this blog and know my musical preferences are aware that I’m into the French screamo sound. One of the current top bands in France is Sed Non Satiata which kind of got back and announced a new LP for this fall. I couldn’t be happier.

Sed Non Satiata come from Toulouse and started out in 2004 or so and have released a demo, a split 7″ with Aghast, two full-length 12″ and a split 12″ with Daïtro. Their music is sometimes melodious and instrumental, sometimes chaotic and fast – I love everything about it.

The band’s first LP, Le ciel de notre enfance, is a very sought after record. There was an initial pressing limited to 500 copies. 2 months ago I finally scored it for a good price compared to what people on eBay pay for it. The record was put out in 2005 by Pure Pain Sugar, Alchimia, and Puzzle Records. The packaging is very simple: standard sleeve with lyrics printed on the backside of the cover. Note that this is a single-sided 12″ on black vinyl.

In 2010, the band released a Self Titled LP via Echo Canyon, Adagio830 and Protagonist Music. This is the record that started to get me into the band more and more and I must have listened to it a thousand times at least. The first pressing came with a colored artwork on blue vinyl. Limited to 500 copies. Once again, simple packaging with a single standard sleeve and lyrics printed on the backside of the cover.

I’m too lazy to write anything more. Note that I have already covered the Split 12″ with Daïtro right here.

And if anyone would like to sell me his/her copy of the split 7″ with Aghast, contact me! I’d love to finish my Sed Non Satiata record collection.

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