Go It Alone

Go It Alone was a Canadian hardcore punk band active between 2002 and 2007. Personally, this was one of the first hardcore band I listened to and I have been listening to them very frequently ever since. Go It Alone were known for their melodic approach and youthcrew influences. The band released two full-lengths in their existence. Apart from that some other releases which I don’t have yet.

The first full-length was The Only Blood Between Us. It was released in 2005 by Rivalvry Records. This is my favourite GIA material. 12 songs of passionate hardcore punk at its finest. The record comes in a standard sleeve and with a two-side printed insert. I have the clear vinyl from the first pressing, limited to 640 copies.

The second full-length, Histories, was released two years later on Rivalvry Records again. It comes in a gatefold cover with a two-sided inserts. I was too lazy to take pictures of the inserts of both records and also the front-cover of Histories looks weird in the picture, but anyway. I love the artwork of this record. 11 songs in total. White vinyl from the second press, and limited to 710 copies.

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