Life Long Tragedy

I have been intending to write this post for a while now, but always procrastinated upon it. Now that I recently got the other 2 presses of Runaways it seems like a good time to finally write it.

Life Long Tragedy were one of the bands that aroused my interest in hardcore punk with their first LP Destined For Anything. The band from California formed in 2001 and released an (in my opinion) insignificant EP called A Sealed Fate. In 2004, the band finally released the Destined For Anything LP. Two years followed a split 7″ with Final Fight and shortly after a split 7″ with Sabertooth Zombie (whose vocalist, Cody Sullivan, played bass in Life Long Tragedy). In 2008, Life Long Tragedy released one of the best hardcore releases in the 2000’s, called Runaways. Sadly enough, the band called it quits in the same year.

Let’s start off with the first LP, Destined For Anything. The record was released via the now defunct This Blessing This Curse. The sound on this record is quite different to what followed after. I like to think that the sound on this LP is rather positive, whereas on Runaways it sounds more depressing. Anyway, the blue press is limited to 800 copies. I got it for a good price, considering what they sell for on eBay (30$ and higher). It comes in a standard sleve with a two-sided inlay. The artwork is rather simply but very beautiful.

Next up the Final Fight split 7″.  To say this upfront, this is one of the best splits between two hardcore bands in the last 10 years. Shortly after signing to Deathwish Inc., this split was released in 2006. Both bands deliver two songs each, Soul Search Party and Sweet Innocence on the Life Long Tragedy side. The sound already changed significantly and remained the same for the upcoming releases. The half clear/half red copy from the first press is limited to 500 copies. The record comes in a fold-out cover with the lyrics printed on the inner side.

The Sabertooth Zombie split 7″ was released in 2007 on Spiderghost Pressgang and is called The Dungeon Sessions. Three songs from each band; Ghost Fleet, This Year’s Disease and Hey Death on the Life Long Tragedy side. It comes in a single standard sleeve with the lyrics printed on the backside of the cover. The red w/ black haze press is limited to 500 copies.

Now to the final LP, Runaways released on Deathwish Inc. in 2008. It took me an awful long time to get into this but it definitely gets better each time I listen to this record, still today. What I really love about this is the raw sound, the crude melodies and the lyrics. There are songs with slower tempo that grow and get more intense towards the end, and also songs that that race forth with the fast and aggressive sound Life Long Tragedy had been known for. The record is so impressive that I felt obliged to get all three presses. There’s the cream w/ red mix (300), cream w/ black mix (700) and cream w/ black splatter (1000) press. The beautiful artwork by Jacon Bannon fits perfectly. The record comes in a gatefold sleeve with the lyrics and further artwork printed on the inside.

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