Killing The Dream

Here’s another band that got me into the whole hardcore punk thing, Killing The Dream. Formed 2002 in Sacramento, California, the band was active on record labels Deathwish Inc. and Rivalry Records until they broke up in 2011. The sound was characterized by power, passion, energy and anger. To a certain extent, Killing The Dream created a sound like no other with melodies that flow thick and hard.

The band started out with a demo cd-r in 2003 and released their self-titled 7″ in 2004. Shortly after, the band was signed by Deathwish Inc. and released the I Rewrote It 7″ in early 2005. Later that year, the band released the In Place, Apart 12″ which was groundbreaking in the hardcore scene and in my opinion the highest point in their career. In 2008 followed the Fractures 12″ and in 2010 the Lucky Me 12″.

I’m too lazy to write about the records in detail, so here you just get the pictures with pressing info.

  • In Place, Apart – white vinyl limited to 870 copies
  • Fractures – coke bottle blue vinyl limited to 1000 copies
  • Lucky Me – light green vinyl limited to 1000 copies.

  • Selftitled – clear vinyl limited to 300 copies
  • I Rewrote It – gold vinyl limited to 1300 copies
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