Daïtro 7inches

Today is a good day; I finally completed my Daïtro 7″ collection. They haven’t put out many 7inches but it feels like I’m getting real close to complete my Daïtro record collection. I don’t want to bore you with unnecessary talk, so let’s get straight to business, shall we?

Daïtro 7″
This was the last 7″ I was missing in my collection, the self-titled 7″. It includes 3 songs: Codec, WTC, and Redrum. The sound is definitely more hardcore punk than screamo, unlike on the upcoming releases. It was released in 2002 by Alchimia, a French label that is now defunct. This record is rather hard to come by. I think they pop up once or twice a year and accordingly sell for a lot of money. The record comes in a blue felt cover, sewn on both sides and was pressed on orange vinyl. The inlay is printed on transparent foil. Limited to 300 copies.

Ampere / Daïtro Split 7″
Daïtro teamed up with Ampere to released a split 7″ in 2007, which was released by Clean Plate Records and Pure Pain Sugar. Ampere’s side has 2 songs, Daïtro’s side one song (La substance de la matière). I believe this was released in time for a US tour with both bands.   This split is pressed on a picture disc. Ampere’s side shows a jellyfish, Daïtro’s side shows sharks. There are two pressings of this record; black/blue artwork (limited to 400 copies) and black/white artwork (limited to 1100 copies). It comes in a beautiful fold-out cover, see pictures below.

US Tour 7″
On the same tour in 2007, Daïtro released an exclusive tour 7″ that was never sold anywhere else (apart from the remaining copies after the tour of course). Once again Clean Plate Records took care of it. It features two new songs: Des plaies ouvertes and Et du béton. It’s a singled-sided 7″ on black vinyl. The b-side is screenprinted. On the back cover, the copy is handnumbered and indicates at which show the record was sold. This is copy #199/300, sold in Tampa on 08/05/07.

V/A – The Emo Armageddon 7″
Daïtro also appeared on a emo violence 7″ compilation released by React With Protest. The Daïtro is exclusive to this release and is called Vivre ici. With 27 seconds this is the shortest song in their discography. The record is on black vinyl and limited to 1000 copies. Comes with a huge and beautiful fold-out inlay.

I’m really happy I could collect all 7″ they put out/appeared on without spending a shitload of cash, considering for what they sell on eBay sometimes. The selftitled 7″ sold for 50GBP (~80$) on eBay once, just to give you an example.

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