Self Defense Family – Island Series: Iceland

Self Defense Family, formerly known as End of a Year, have put out the second part of the island series on Deathwish Inc. On their last Europe tour they recorded in the studio of Sigur Ros in Iceland. Self Immolation Family is on side A, World Virgins on side B.

Here’s the official review by Deathwish Inc.

“In both songs that make up this release, discordant melodies expand and contract around lackadaisical percussion, while Kindlon emotes and laments with true passion. There’s no question, Self Defense Family still wear their DC influence well, but now it’s tattered and torn; it’s taking on their own shape. Melodic and infectious, inspiring yet at the same time, uniquely depressing. These songs are soundtrack for the solemn grey area in all of our lives.”

A very simple but beautiful record. Standard single sleeve, lyrics printed on backside, white vinyl, 330 copies pressed.

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