Adobe Homes – Piñata

The new year comes with resolutions in terms of this blog. I’ll try to update this more often, especially with posts about records that will be released in 2013.

The first release of 2013 that I’m going to review is Adobe Homes’ Piñata 9″. I know, technically this was unveiled on the internet last October, but pre-orders shipped in early January.

Adobe Homes is a four-piece screamo band from Alburquerque, New Mexico. The Piñata 9″ EP comes with 5 new songs, which prove that the band has evolved since the Ristra 10″ and the Beau Navire split 7″. The band knows how to change complexity and intensity during songs and creates an interesting and refreshing mix between harshness and beauty. Piñata will appeal to fans of Beau Navire and L’antietam.

The record was released by Dog Knights Productions, Bear Records, Bookhouse Records and Friendly Otter Records. Listen here.

The 9″ has a beautifully etched B-side (see 2nd picture) and comes in a folded sleeve. All the artwork was done by Juan Gabe of Comadre. There are two colorways: Black (80 copies) and tri-color (420 copies). I couldn’t help but ordering the tri-color version cause it looks very pretty and fits the artwork perfectly.

Adobe Homes - Piñata Adobe Homes - Piñata

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