Coke Bust – Confined

The four-piece straight edge band Coke Bust from Washington DC formed in 2006, has toured a lot and put out numerous releases. Whoever loves fast, thrash-y and pissed hardcore punk knows Coke Bust (or is supposed to). 9 songs were recorded for the new Confined 12″ EP.

What can you expect? 9 songs at a playtime of less than 9 minutes. What does this mean? The usual no-compromise-in-your-face hardcore punk with youth crew breaks, a great groove throughout all songs and lyrics filled with hate and anger. What I really like about Confined is that all songs seem to be joint and you have 9 minutes thrashing your face off in one piece.

Refuse Records released the Euro version already, the US press is to follow on Grave Mistake Records. The record comes in a standard sleeve with a lyrics sheet. 200 copies were pressed on white vinyl housed in the regular cover.


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