When Saetia broke up in 1999, two new bands were formed with members from Saetia.

In 1999, Off Minor was formed with Jamie Behar and Steven Roche of Saetia. Former member of Off Minor was also Matt Smith (played the last Saetia show), who then went to play in Hot Cross and was replaced by Steven Roche’s brother Kevin that had played in Life Detecting Coffins. Off Minor is still active (or have never officially called it a day). Off Minor’s sound characteristic was the ability to create noise with just 3 instruments. A blend of chaotic emotional intensity and precise beauty made the band stand out from the rest. I can’t always listen to Off Minor. The sound is harsh, straight-forward and the lyrical imaginery is not for the faint-hearted. It’s dark but beautiful altogether.

I am not a big fan of the recent Off Minor records, but when the band started out, they released some great tunes. So far, I was able to get the The Heat Death of the Universe LP from 2002 and the Innominate LP from 2004. Both pressings that I have were released by EarthWaterSky Connection, a now defunct German label.

offminor-heatdeathoftheuniverse offminor-innominate

In 2000, Hot Cross was formed and featured members Billy Werner (Saetia), Greg Drudy (Saetia, Interpol), Matt Smith (Off Minor), Casey Borland (You And I) and Josh Jakubowsky (Neil Perry, The Now, Joshua Fit For Battle) in their existence until 2007. Three layers of vocals – of which Billy Werner is the lyrical mastermind – and two dueling guitarists create an awesome technical post-hardcore sound. The sound of Hot Cross is at times more similar to Saetia. I’m not a huge fan of Saetia (they have a few great songs but that’s it) and Hot Cross played what I expected Saetia to be before I first heard their music.

On the other hand, the same as with Off Minor, I am not too interested in and hooked on the recent outputs. I have two of their records in my collection so far. The A New Set of Lungs 10″ EP from 2001 (US pressing by Robodog Records; the Euro pressing by EarthWaterSky Connection was released on a 12″) and the Cryonics LP from 2003 (Euro pressing by EarthWaterSky Connection; the US pressing was released by Level Plane).

hotcross-anewsetoflungs hotcross-cryonics

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