Papaya – UM/I

Adorno have gone a bit quiet in the past 2 years and I’m desperately waiting for new material. Vocalist Bráulio Amado and drummer Ricardo Martins decided to team up with Óscar Silva (from I Had Plans) to form Papaya, who have recently released their debut album UM/I on Adagio830.

If you are expecting to hear something similar to Adorno, you won’t get what you’re looking for. Instead, the 8 songs on UM/I with a playtime of less than 15 minutes show that Papaya are experimenting a lot. The sound is very guitar driven, psychedelic, noisy, crazy, eccentric and offbeat. Surprisingly, the sound is catchy after all. On top of that, Bráulio’s special voice gives the music yet another touch. I don’t think words can actually describe what’s going on here, so check the whole thing for yourself.

Adagio830 pressed 500 copies on papaya colored vinyl with a nice silkscreened B-Side. No cover, but an insert is included.


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