Ruined Families – Blank Language

Ruined Families is a five-piece hardcore punk band from Athens, Greece, that has been around since 2010. After the Four Wall Freedom LP and the Untitled 7″, the band released their brand new full-length Blank Language earlier this year.

First, in order to understand what the guys in Ruined Families have been going through and influenced by, you have to consider the political happenings in and around Greece. Greece has been hit hard by the economic crisis and is close to bankrupcy. The European Union is trying to save Greece by imposing austerity policy conditions; cut back on spending and raise taxes. What follows is social unrest, demonstrations and strikes. Unemployment, especially among youth, is reaching an all-time high. Obviously, that’s not a great environment to grow up in and it will ultimately shape your world view. Ruined Families processed these experiences, among others, on Blank Language.

Blank Language comes with 9 songs. The sound production is different from the previous releases, and honestly, needs getting used to first. However, the production allows Ruined Families to broaden their musical horizon. What was abrasive and noisy hardcore punk with a thick layer of crust is now more experimental. Throughout the 9 songs, you can hear influences that range from black and death metal, post-hardcore and screamo, indie and lo-fi, crust and the old good dirty hardcore punk. In less than the playtime of 20 minutes, these many influences may seem to be over the place and unorganized. However, these atypical influences are incorporated smartly and ensure that it’s not yet another generic and monotonous punk record.

All in all, Blank Language is a very furious political, social and personal statement. Ruined Families have stepped it up a notch since the previous records and created something entirely genre-different.

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Blank Language was released by Adagio830. The artwork was done by vocalist Takis. The record comes in a standard sleeve and is housed in a thick inner jacket with lyrics printed on one side and an artistical drawing on the other side. Preorder version was on clear vinyl, limited to 100 copies.

ruinedfamilies-blanklanguage1 ruinedfamilies-blanklanguage2

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