2×2 = 14 inches

I haven’t bought many newly released records this year but when two great bands pair up to put out a split 7″ I won’t hesistate to get my copy.

Loma Prieta and Raein released a split 7″ back in April on Deathwish Records. I knew that this split would be happening sooner or later (insider information hehe) and the wait had finally come to an end. These are two of the best contemporary screamo bands that never cease to impress me. Loma Prieta‘s side comes with 4 new songs (including a cover of Black Flag‘s Spray Paint) and is very much going into the noisier direction like I.V.. Raein‘s side consists of one song and it sounds like what Raein has been playing since the Ogni Nuovo Inizio EP. Maybe even a tad better. If I had to choose sides, I’d clearly go with the Raein one. Because the shipping prices in the US went up, I no longer buy from the labels directly and wait for a European distro to get some copies. Hence, I got the least limited white vinyl press, limited to 2000. Who cares though?


Adobe Homes and Innards teamed up for a split 7″ as well, which was released on Flannel Gurl Records back in May. I have loved both bands since they started out and I’m glad again that two of my favourite contemporary screamo bands release a split together. Adobe Homes‘ side comes with one new song, Innards‘ side with two new songs. Both bands prove again, that they’re getting better and better on each record. Looking forward to new tunes. Innards have already announced a 4-way split with Capacities, Calculator and Itto, plus a new full-length sooner or later. My copy is on aqua orange vinyl, limited to 300.


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